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No Roleplay will be started/played unless we have upto 20 registered members atleast. Till then this forum is closed.
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 A Sample Roleplay of RP Forum

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PostSubject: A Sample Roleplay of RP Forum   Wed Jan 02, 2013 2:31 pm

Below is a sample of RP. Get to learn and understand how you should play roleplays in this community which is really new and different from all other RP forums.

"Cold winter night, A Girl with her 2 female friends laying down in bed in a flat. She is heartbroken,sad,and her friends is comforting her but she burst into tears. Though she is able to handle herself after that. Phone is ringing kept beside her bed. This is her bf's calling her but she doesn't pick it up. After hours,Her bf comes to her flat along with his 2 male friends. Then the conversation starts how and why they broke up. Friends of her Bf are supporting him and asking the girl to forget all what happened,she should forgive him for once. But Friends of this Girl are supporting her and telling her to not forgive him as he may do the same mistake and also they are going against whatever her BF's friends say".

So now,choose who wants to play BF's role and his 2 male friends AND who wants to play GF's role as well as her 2 female friends Role.
Decide the reason of breakup by yourself. Only who would play the role of BF,GF are allowed and should decide it.
State your names,personality,other. You should act as you would act in your real life in this "situation". It depends upon Girl if she forgives him or not,its her choice.

2 males and 2 females friends are "supporter" here. And in the end of this Roleplay, 1 male and 1 female best supporter will be chosen by people's votes. Best GF & BF will also be chosen by people's Votes. OP must make a thread in voting section for this after RP ends. So Do your BEST!
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A Sample Roleplay of RP Forum
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