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No Roleplay will be started/played unless we have upto 20 registered members atleast. Till then this forum is closed.
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PostSubject: About RPforums Community   Wed Jan 02, 2013 3:45 pm

For the first time on Internet RP history in the world we are launching a brand new RP forum. This forum is not based on any movie,cartoon,novel,etc. Roleplays are chosen/played according to person's personality. Storyline or Scene are taken from their own real life or about real world,happenings in their real world or just their own creativity. People can choose to create their own scenes/stories. But not fictitious character. People must use their own real character/personality as this RP forum based on real world/life.

This community is more than a RPG. It is Real.

The purpose of this forum is to encourage people to be proud of who they are and Be yourself and make them able to get to know themselves. Many numerous people do not even know themselves about who they are indeed. They are lost,they lost their own real personalities,in some case fantasy or other RPG sources have made them unknown about their real personalities.

Give your real biodata,State about your personality,character,qualities,habits,likes/dislikes,physic,attributes,so on.

There will be positive competitions,like: beauty contests,best costumes,The perfectionist,beautiful specific body part,so forth.

Do not hide yourself,if you are weak,noob,dumb,nerd, then state it honestly in the forum and in your profile. And then Fight to MAKE YOURSELF PERFECT.

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About RPforums Community
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