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No Roleplay will be started/played unless we have upto 20 registered members atleast. Till then this forum is closed.
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 Rules and regulations - must read

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PostSubject: Rules and regulations - must read   Wed Jan 02, 2013 4:06 pm


  • Roleplay should be played according to your own personality/character. Means,for example; If possible,if in a RP scene/storyline requires a role of Bad Guy then you must be a Bad Guy in your Real Life!

  • You should submit everything/description of your RP scene/storyline whether based on your real life or its your own creativity.

  • You should state about how many roles are their in your RP scene/storyline.

  • Users should give their real biodata in the roleplays before they begin to play the RP scene/storyline

  • After you get players for your RP then you can start playing by announcing the beginning of your RP in the same post.

  • If you want your Roleplay scene to be a Time Limit then mention it and select time for an hour,minutes etc. No post in the RP will be accepted after the end of time period selected by you for RP scene/storyline.

  • Violence and slang words is only allowed in the sections where it is said to be allowed. Read "PLEASE READ BEFORE YOU BEGIN!" thread to know where it is allowed/required

  • Use appropriate language

  • Play by Post

  • Do not disrespect other members without any reason

  • Do not post,jump,poke nose in other members roleplays in which you are not a selected player.

  • Do not comment in the RPs if you are not interested to play it. Simply keep yourself away from that RP

  • While making a post for Roleplay scene,You should request RP forums JUDGE to judge your Roleplay and declare the best players in your roleplay after it ends. It is optional not necessary if you do not want.

  • After your RP ends then you should create a Poll (where it is not required to have a JUDGE)in People's choice section. It is optional

  • According to people's votes,Players will be rewarded and will be declared best players of RP according to the specfic roleplay they play.
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Rules and regulations - must read
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